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POPPY & SAGE Gummy Bear Edibles *NYC*


⊕ Hybrid

⊕ Flavor: Berry

⊕ 500mg per pack

⊕ 10 gummies per pack (50mg per gummy)

Unwind and relax with Poppy & Sage THC Gummy Bear Edibles. If you’re tired of edibles that aren’t consistent when it comes to dosing we have the perfect option for you. Now available at Locals Only Delivery, Poppy & Sage THC infused gummies are guaranteed to provide you with the same high, every time.

Why Edibles? Cannabis-infused edibles are commonly used to treat poor appetite, pain, and weight loss in people who have cancer. They have also been said to reduce pain and muscle spasms, relieve nausea, enhance sleep quality and improve anxiety.

Dosage :Consumers will typically start to experience effects 45-60 minutes after eating. Each individual has an ideal dosage best suites for them and their bodies so its best to experiment but remember to start low and go slow.

Serving size: One gummy bear. Bite a foot, an ear or half the body, up to you! Just know that each gummy bear is 50mg. There’s also a dosage guide on the back of the package. As always, reach out to your L.O. staff with any questions.

Remember to keep these adult gummy bears away from pets and children and avoid operating heavy machinery.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.