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These incredible designer concentrates are made by Giggles with a 74.70% THC level. Concentrates are made from a process known as extraction that creates a much smaller, often gooey substance that contains a much higher THC  level than the cannabis flower itself. This allows the user to enjoy the effects of cannabis without the plant material.

Why Concentrates? Concentrates, such as wax, often offer much higher potency and can be consumed in multiple ways including vape pens, dab rigs, edibles, and tinctures.

What is Wax? Wax is a concentrate with a soft and gooey texture to it and is very sticky to touch. It is typically yellow or gold and requires a vape or dab rig due to its stickiness.

Choose from: Champagne Kush (H) • Death Star (I) • Saigon Cinnamon (I) • Londoncello (S)

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