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Bluey Vuitton is a cross of Penis Envy with a famous magic mushroom from the forests of Panama.  It was created by a mycologist who spent 3 years searching the Panamanian wilds for this famed mushroom and when finally found was crossed with an uber potent penis envy creating this very strong and desired strain.  Bluey Vuitton is fit for royalty and is known for its power and great visuals.
Psilocybe cubensis can aid with stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain, and other mental and physical illnesses. The effects of this substance have the potential to be rather overwhelming, therefore new users should use it with the utmost caution. Mix the dry mushrooms with chocolate, food, pills, or consumables for a successful dose.


What our customers say about it: “this strain will give you a feeling of deep spiritual ecstasy that feels so amazing inside, like happy to be alive. The complete totality of the mind, body and soul. The best way I can describe this strain of mushrooms is extremely gentle, patient, loving and kind. The coming up was exceptionally smooth and very euphoric. A very beautiful and healing experience.”